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Make a Whirlygig from recycled cardboard and strings.


• Whirlygig patterns template or blank paper
• String
• A scrap of heavy recycled cardboard
• Gluestick
• Scissors
• Kitchen skewer



Prep before meeting:

Works best to pre-cut your cardboard circles using a template.

Print out your templates and choose which two patterns you’d like to use best or use the blank template and create your own pattern (this is great for primary colours to see how they blend when it is spinning).
Glue one piece onto your recycled cardboard circle, and then glue the second pattern onto the reverse.
Poke two small holes in the whirlygig with the kitchen skewer and thread the string through, tying in a knot once done.


  • Paper Craft
  • Pattern
  • recycled materials
  • Toys

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