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24 Hrr Survival Camp


Pioneering Poles, Ground Sheets, Rope, Big cooking Pot, Cooking Utensils


Build a Bivvy
Look at where and how and different kinds of shelter

Build Fire's
teach collecting wood - Tinder, Kindling, Twigs, Sticks, Logs
Forage for food on site

Cook a big stew that cooks from as soon as it's the stuff is prep'd (preferably before lunch so it has a good few hours to cook) lots of veg, usually some twigs as well,
Cover Hygiene when cooking
Teach how to Prep Veg

Update Knife and Axe Training
Splitting Axe with older scouts


  • bivouac
  • bivvy
  • camp
  • camping
  • cooking Fire
  • pioneer

Badge Links

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