IGG INTEREST BADGE Brownie Environmental Awareness Option 05

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No 5. Identify the seven principles of Leave No Trace(Compare Correct and Incorrect Countryside Pictures)


Set of correct and incorrect countryside pictures (file part 2)


Aim of Badge
To appreciate the necessity of caring for the environment

This Badge has 5 options of which 5 must be completed

This Activity is a follow on activity to (Elephant Leave no Trace)
Leave No Trace 7 principles are :
1. Plan and prepare.
2. Be considerate of others.
3. Respect farm animals and wildlife.
4. Travel and camp on durable ground.
5. Leave what you find.
6. Dispose of waste properly.
7. Minimise the effects of fire.

Correct and Incorrect pictures.

Divide each Six into groups of three
Give each group a copy of the correct and incorrect pictures (overleaf)
Each group compares the pictures and circles where they think the Leave no Trace message is being kept or broken.

This activity will help your Brownies to become aware of the Leave no Trace principles
Please check out additional activities in
INVESTIGATE and EXPLORE: Choice Challenges
1. Be able to follow Leave No Trace principles when out on hikes/walks/day trips

Acknowledgement/Source IGG Trefoil News

Attachments needed for activity 2 pages (File part two)


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