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1. Explain the importance of exercise and what it does for our bodies(Heartbeat)


Copy of Count you Heartbeat(overleaf) for each Brownie
Skipping Ropes


Learn how to take you heartbeat.
To gain an understanding of how your heart works, Brownies learn to take their pulse and then take part in the activities outlined overleaf
Know your Pulse in Four Steps
1) To assess your resting pulse rate in your wrist, sit down for 5 minutes beforehand. You should be aware that any stimulants taken before the reading will affect the rate. It is a good idea to have a watch or clock with a second hand nearby. (In order to time the beats)
2) Hold your left or right hand out with your palm facing up and your elbow barely bent.
3) With the other hand, place your index and middle fingers on your wrist, at the base of your thumb, where your hand meets your arm. You may need to move your fingers around a little to find the pulse. Keep firm pressure on your wrist with your fingers in order to feel your pulse.
4) Count for 30 seconds, and multiply by 2 to get your heart rate in beats per minute.
Discuss the results using the questions on the activity sheet overleaf.
Acknowledgement/Source http://www.irishheart.ie/
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