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2: Show some exercises for warming up before taking exercise, stretching your muscles and cooling down afterwards ((Warm up song)




Aim of Badge
To understand and experience the benefits of physical activity

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Warm-up prepares the body for activity, as well as helping to prevent injury to muscles, which can be more susceptible to injury when cold. The cool-down helps the body clear lactic acid that builds up during any activity. Less lactic acid means less soreness and stiffness the next day!
A warm-up aims to:
• prepare the body and mind for the activity
• increase the body's core temperature
• increase heart rate
• increase breathing rate.

Cool-down is just as important, especially after vigorous exercise because the body needs time to slow down and it is an important step in aiding recovery. The cool down should occur immediately after training activities and should last 5 to10 minutes.
The cool-down can be the same sort of exercise as the warm-up but with low intensity body movement such as jogging or walking substituted for running. Stretching after activity helps to ensure maximum flexibility, relax the muscles, return them to their resting length and helps develop long-term attitudes to maintaining healthy lifestyles.

Stretching activities can be included in the warm-up and cool down.

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