IGG INTEREST BADGE Brownie Water Safety Option 3

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3 Understand the safety signs, symbols and flags that you may see at beaches or other areas of open water (Beach Safety Flag Game and Stay safe on the beach)


 Print 2 sets of each flag
 Copy of Spot the dangers poster beach version
 Laminator
 4 Green Markers
 4 Red Markers
 Wet Wipes


Aim of Badge
To develop water safety awareness

This Badge has 5 options of which 5 must be completed

Instructions Activity One
Flags comprise of A4 size flags for beach safety.
Leaders will need to communicate with each other so they know which flag to rise. Leaders move around on the beach area as flags would on a beach.
Beach Safety Flag Game
Designate an area as the beach and an area for the sea.
Leaders to show flags and Brownies to follow instructions.
Red & Yellow Flags; Brownies must swim, between held up flags.
Black & White Chequers Flags: Brownies to surf board or kayak between the flags
Red Flag: Brownies must sit on the beach area
Acknowledgement OSM
Attachments needed for activity? Yes 3pages
Instructions activity Two
Give each six a laminated copy of Spot the dangers posters beach
Each Six decides who is safe in the scene and who is in danger, using a green or red maker.
Have the Six shares their observations
Attachments needed for activity? Yes one page
Source RNLI


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