Program Robo Cub

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Program a Sixer from another Six to carry out a Task


Pen/Pencil & Paper per Six
Equipment for task decided on by Six


1. In their Sixes each Six is to decide on a task the robot can perform. Use your imagination and location to create tasks. It could be:
- turn on the lights in this room,
- walk around a piece of furniture,
- deliver a book to a table on the other side of the room, or
- move into another room by opening a closed door.

2. Now they have to decide and write down a list of commands that will be required by one of the other Sixers to carry out the task. The commands must be specific and not include any decisions the robot can make on their own

3. Tell the Cubs only one instruction can be given at a time and give them examples of good program commands like:
- turn right 90 degrees
- move backwards 3 steps
- take one step to the right
and bad program commands like:
- raise your arm and turn on the lights
- walk until I say stop
- go into the next room

4. Once they are happy with their commands and all the other Sixes have finished their commands, they give one of the other Sixers verbal commands to carry out the task.

5. Once each Six as directed their Robot discuss our successful they think they were


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