Seeing Things - Catch the Birdie

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Creative experiment showing how our eyes and brain merge fast moving images.
As the circle spins, our eyes see one picture after the other. The pictures come around so fast that our brain can't separate them. Instead, it merges the two. So you see one picture - of the bird caught inside the cage.


White Card
Mug (or similar) for drawing the circles
Hole punch


1. draw 2 circles on a piece of card and cut them out
2. draw a bird on one circle and a cage on the other
3. Turn the cage upside down then glue then together back to back
4. use the hole punch to make 2 holes on either side of the cage.
5. Cut 2 pieces of string as long as your arm
6. Thread a piece of string through one pair of holes then know the ends. do the same on the other side.

How it works:
1. Hold the knots so that the circle hangs down
2. flip the circle over and around until the string is twisted up tightly
3. Now, with both hands, pull the string tight. This makes the circle spin around really fast.

Option: The Bird and the Cage may be replaced by any image the Cub chooses and themed around your meeting. For Mother's Day we are doing pictures of the Cub inside a big heart (Mum's heart).


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