Backwoods Orange Cake

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Make a cake in an orange!


1 x large orange per person
Cake mix (1 packet is enough for 8 oranges)

1 x sharp knife & cutting board
1 x measuring jug & whisk/fork (for cake mix)
1 x bowl & spoon (for scooping out orange insides) 1 x bowl & spoon (for cake mix)
Foil (enough to wrap each orange)
Tongs/stick (to take cakes off the fire)
1 x spoon (for eating with!)


1. Slice about 2cm down across the top of your orange to form the lid.
2. Scoop out the inside of the orange into a bowl (don’t worry if you can’t get it all out - it just adds more flavour)
3. Half fill the orange shell with cake mix
4. Put the lid back on your orange and completely wrap with foil
5. Place the orange on to the hot embers of a fire for about 20mins, turning regularly.
6. Unwrap & remove lid to check
7. Once cooked - Eat! (with a spoon) *Be careful - it will be HOT!*


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