Great Egg Race

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Scouts choose from a number of construction challenges and are judged according to preset criteria


- Bamboo canes, staves, pipe lagging
- Rubber bands, inner tubes
- Rope, string, twine
- Cardboard, paper, bubble wrap
- Sellotape
- Small funnels


Great Egg Race

Build a catapult or other contraption to drop an egg at least 50cm undamaged onto a target (a bowl or bin). Egg must cross a distance unaided of at least 1 horizontal metre and contraption cannot touch target.

Build a contraption which allows an egg to drop/ travel undamaged a vertical metre in the slowest possible time (egg must keep moving).

Build a contraption which moves an egg undamaged between two points each at least one metre off the floor and at least one metre apart

Build the tallest self-supporting tower you can out of paper and sellotape only to support an egg.

Points awarded for:
- Design quality (10)
- Construction quality (10)
- Team work (10)
- Performance (10)

10 minutes planning time
20 minutes building time
10 minutes tinker time
10 minutes judging

In all cases the egg/ contraption cannot be touched once released.


  • construction
  • Problem solving

Badge Links

  • Creative - Activity
  • Skills - Problem solving