Patrol Skills Sketches

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Each patrol has a topic to prepare an educational sketch on and they then present it to the troop.


Tents, stoves, pioneering poles etc...


Come up with a set of topics (that you have equipment for) and let each patrol choose a topic. Give them 15-30 minutes to prepare a sketch/etc and then gather the troop together and let each patrol perform their sketch to "educate" the troop.

Suggested topics (feel free to edit):
* Putting up/taking down tents
* Setting up, lighting, and dismantling lamps/stoves/fridges
* Pioneering
* Knife, axe & saw use
* First aid
* Putting up dining shelters/event shelters etc
* Many of the "Skills Challenge Badge" requirements


  • sharing
  • teaching

Badge Links

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  • Creative - Performing
  • Outdoors - Knife, Axe & Saw
  • Outdoors - Tent
  • Skills - [NONE]