Clothes Peg Clip

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Equipment: 6 clothes pegs per scout, pen and paper.


Give each scout six clothes pegs. Make sure that scouts all have their shirts hanging out at the back as this game is the one when they probably won’t have. On “Go!” scouts have to successfully clip their clothes pegs onto the shirt hem of the other scouts whilst avoiding having their own shirts clipped. Clipped pegs must not be removed. When a scout has clipped all six of his pegs he leaves the playing area and has the back of his shirt inspected. The number of pegs on his shirt is his score. After five minutes stop the game. Count up the shirt pegs of those scouts still playing and add the number of pegs in their hands. That’s their scores. The scout with the lowest score is the winner. Beware of pegs that fall off or that are pulled off. Pegs that aren’t clipped on properly and come off count against the clipper. For this reason, unless scouts are where you can see them all, get scouts to initial their pegs before they start. This way you can assign dropped pegs to the correct scout.
Variations: Use coloured pegs and play in teams.



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