Flaming Torches

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Make flaming Torches using sheer lashings (practice sheer lashing and clove hitches)


Per pair of cubs, need one medium stick about 30cm long, plus 6 smaller ones. Need string for lashing. Some Foil, cotton wool and tea lights.


Using clove hitches and sheer lashing attach the 6 small sticks around one end of the bigger stick so as to make a cup shape - into this cup force a tea light (surrounding this with a foil wind shield is helpful!). Add some cotton wool (possibly rub some Vaseline on it to slow initial combustion). Plant the torches somewhere safe like a flowerbed, or large soil filled plant pot. Light. What should happen is that rather than being a weedy candle light, the cotton wool should act as a much bigger wick and give a more impressive flame - albeit at the cost of exhausting the wax much faster



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