Morse Code Hunt

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Morse Code Hunt 2


Morse Code sheet per team, 4 clues on 4 small pieces of paper (sealed) in morse code per team, envelopes/paper/pens, 1 morse code 'prize' word cut up into segments, tape.


I did this the day before Rememberance day, so my prize word was 'REMEMBER'. The evening was themed around the day.

Each clue word points to a location where part of the prize word is hidden (e.g. 'table', 'chair)). Before the meeting, hide the 4 segments of the prize word (RE, ME, MB, ER) word.
Give each team a morse code sheet and an envelope with the clue words - have the clues sealed to make it more of a mystery. When they have solved the clue they go and hunt (e.g. I taped one to a table leg and one to the underside of a chair). Once they have found all the parts of the prize word they have to re-arrange to spell the word.


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