IGG DETECT: Becoming a Brownie Guide 08

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8. Know the Brownie Guide Law (Law fishing relay game)


 Set of Law cards per Six (See Overleaf use a different colour for each Six)
 Paper Clips for each word
 Magnet
 String


To introduce the Brownies to the Brownie Law

Brownie Guide Law
A Brownie Guide thinks of others before herself
And does a Good Turn every day

Brownie Law Fishing Relay Game
To Play:
All the Brownies line up behind their Sixers at one end of the hall. Each Six is given a Fishing rod (magnet on a string)
Place the Law cards at the opposite end of the hall.
First Brownie runs up with fishing rod, catches a word and brings it back. She then hands the rod to the next Brownie on her team and so on until they have caught all the words. They then piece the words together to make the Brownie Guide Law. First team to complete it correctly wins.

Debrief/Discussion: Following the game have each Six say the Brownie Law together. This will help the Tweenies to learn the Law and act as a reminder to the enrolled Brownies

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