My Hero

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This activity will get the scouts thinking about their own personal heroes, Furthermore it will test and explore different values and beliefs within the group. Can be used for World Challenge badge, exploring different beliefs and attitudes.


Paper and pen for each scout and a flip chart/large paper for each team/patrol


Split the scouts into groups/patrols.
1. Ask the scouts to start by thinking individually about three people who are their personal heroes.
2. After about five minutes invite the scouts to share their choices and to say what they admire in their heroes. Allow sufficient time for comments and questioning.
3. Ask each group to list on a flip chart the names of the heroes, their nationality and, if appropriate, the areas in which they became famous e.g. sports, music, culture, politics...
4. Then ask each group to choose their top 3 group heroes from the list, this will give them an opportunity to negotiate and put forward their points about their individual heroes and listen to the other scouts’ points of view on who is their hero. Will they be able to agree on who the top 3 are?
5. Ask each group to present its flip chart/top 3 to the other groups.

You should note down which heroes, if any, are mentioned more than once or appear frequently. Then invite the participants to discuss the following questions:
• Was it any easy decision to choose the top 3 heroes of each group. If not, why not?
• Were there any surprises or any heroes who were unknown to anybody? Say why.
• Was there a trend in terms of, for example, nationality or gender? If so, why are most heroes from the same nationality, cultural background or gender?
• What is it that makes us appreciate some heroes rather than others?
• Do you think your heroes are universal? Why or why not?
• Do you think that other people, especially groups from a different culture may have different heroes? Why?


  • attitudes
  • beliefs
  • DIfference
  • DIfferent
  • Discussion
  • Hero
  • values
  • world
  • World Challenge

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