Mothers Day Tulip Card

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Tulip shaped card tied with a bow with message inside.


Card stock
Pen or pencil
Green pipe cleaners (for stem)
Sticky messages (optional)
Craft glue / hot glue gun
Craft knife or toothpick (to make hole)
pieces of coloured ribbon


1. Print out pattern (template.pdf), trace over coloured card, cut out pattern.
2. Fold cut out flower where the dashed lines are on the pattern.

Steps 1,2 and 5 can be done before meeting to save time and gets the cutting out bit done.

3. Write message / stick message inside flower.
4. Turn flower over and stick green stem down back, (hot glue gun is good because it dries quickly, leaders only to use, SAFETY FIRST) otherwise allow to dry if using white pva glue.
5. From scraps of coloured card, fold over a piece and cut out a leaf shape, (figure of 8), this will give two identical leaf shapes.
6. Glue the leaf shapes together sandwiching the stem between.
7. Poke two holes in each of the folded leaves, overlapping them before doing so, so that the holes line up, then thread the ribbon through, tie in a bow to close the card.


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