IGG INTEREST BADGE Brownie Healthy Friendship Option 01

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1. Examine how people can care for one other (Relationship Activities)


 People who care for us cards – overleaf
 Questions – overleaf


Aim of Badge
To have a deeper understanding of how to be a good friend

This Badge has 5 options of which 5 must be completed

Nobody can live in isolation, we all need other people.
Brownie Guides must learn how to relate to different people and the rules of polite society.

Give a card to each Brownie, make sure that each girl can relate her card to someone she knows from her day-to-day life; you may need to make extra cards to ensure this, and it does not matter if you ‘double up’ and have two cards the same.
Now get the Brownies into a straight line at one end of the hall/room, facing the opposite end. Explain that you are going to ask some questions, and if the answer for them is ‘yes’ they can take one step forward; if the answer is ‘no’, they should stay where they are. Highlight that there is no right or wrong answer to the questions, and that the answer to each question is unique to each Brownie in relation to the person on the card she is holding.

Ask the questions overleaf or you may prefer to make up your own.

When all the questions have been asked, get each Brownie to shout out what was on her card from where she is standing – then explain to the Brownies how we tend to know more about (and so get further along the ‘car park’) the people who we are closest to / spend the most time with. People also care for us and we care for other people in different ways depending on our relationship with them.

Source: Irish Girl Guides Health Promotion pack for Brownies – Relationship Activities (adapted)
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