Blind assault course

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Create an assault course that Patrols have to navigate their scout across. Requires teamwork and communication. Ideas include throw the right coloured beanbag in the bucket.


Bean bags


Setup course
- Bucket to throw bean bags in (throw the right colour beanbag)
- Completing a reef knot, sheet bend, or clove hitch
- Balance beam with obstacle in the middle
- Crawling under canvas - find the object and describe the object by touch to the other scouts
- Obtain direction (N, NW, ....) from one point to another - set north on the ground

Scout whose birthday is closest to undertake the activity first
Patrols review course and plan how they will communicate with the Scout undertaking the course
Run the course in heats
- Scout fails object / task, go back to the beginning

Review and run the course again


  • assault course
  • blind
  • communication

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