Brownies Big-ish Bird Watching Coloring and Log Book

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A colouring and log book for Brownies to learn Irish birds and log visitors to their bird feeders.


Paper, Printer, Stapler


Print the book ahead of time and staple together in book form (You might want to print 2 pages per sheet to cut down on ink and paper).
Have the Brownies take the book home and look online (with parents) or in books to find pictures of the birds in the book so they can colour in the pictures as realistically as they are able.
Use the log at the bottom paof the page when watching their bird feeders. Have them put a "tick" on the day that they see that bird at the feeder or in their garden.
Bring the book back to the next meeting and compare how each person's birds look the same and different.


  • bird watching
  • Irish Birds

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