Make an International Charity

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In small teams make a new international chairty and find out about the work of another international charity (this involves some homework)


Factsheets attached


Split the young people into small groups of about 4 or 5 cubs each and provide a leader for each team. Give the kids a copy of the letter from the world organisation (attached) which asks for 'a new charity to be invented' to do good work across the world. The kids need to think about this new charity and design how it will look and work... For example:

1) Name of Charity?
2) How do they raise money?
3) What does the logo look like?
4) What is their mission?
5) Where does the money go to?
6) What kind of people do they help?

Once they have invented this new charity as a group then they should present it to the rest of the pack. They should also take home the other sheet (written as a letter to take home - attached) and do some research on a big charity that already exists, the following week they should present this back to their small group. Decide who will do which charity while they are working in their small groups.


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