Lego tower teambuilding

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YP must build a tower that satisfies several rules.


Lego, paper


YP in groups of 4-6. Each YP is given a piece of paper with a rule that applies to how the tower must be built. They are not allowed to show anybody else their piece of paper. Some example rules are:

-The tower must not contain red bricks
-The tower must not be taller than 10 bricks
-The top and bottom layer must be the same
-Only you may place bricks onto the tower
-Blue bricks must always be touching a green brick.
-Every level must have at least 2 bricks

Variations of this to make it easier are:
-All of the rules are wrote on one piece of paper which everybody can see
-Initial guidance/hints provided by leaders (e.g. 2 minutes planning time before starting, talking about teamwork)

Variations of this to make it harder are:
-YP are not allowed to talk
-Add rules that are conflicting (e.g. tower must not contain red bricks, AND tower must have red bricks on the base)

The goal of the activity is to get young people to work together as a team. It can also be used to show that if every person is only thinking about themselves, it can be difficult to get anything done. Teams that appoint a leader, or use a logical method (e.g. going round in a circle and asking everybody what their rule is) will normally do better.


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