Christmas Party Fun

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A variety of Christmas Activities and games for a Christmas party


Christmas stockings, variety of small objects, blindfolds, paper, pencils, pipe cleaners, Marshmallows (large and medium), JellyTots, Twiglets, Icing (tubes and mixed), Red Rope Licorice, Paper Plates, old Christmas cards


Split the Beavers into Lodges - 10 minutes per activity:

1) What's in the Stocking? Fill a stocking with a variety of small objects. Beavers take turns to feel and see how many they can guess.

2) Draw a snowman blindfold: see who can draw the best snowman without looking.

3) Pipe Cleaner Snowflake Tree Decorations - Make Snowflake Tree Decorations from Pipe Cleaners.

4) Marshmallow Snowmen: Large Marshmallow Body, Medium Marshmallow Head (attached with Icing) Twiglet arms, JellyTot buttons (attached with Icing), Red Rope Licorice Scarf, Piped (Black) icing face.

Game: Christmas card jigsaw relay: cut up some old Christmas cards to make jigsaws. Divide Beavers into Lodges. Each team has to take it in turns to run and fetch a piece of their jigsaw and the first team to correctly make the picture wins.


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