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The Ancient Chinese puzzle


tangram puzzle printables
Also available at http://www.activityvillage.co.uk/tangrams


Print out one of our Tangram templates - either in colour or black and white - onto cardstock. Cut out very carefully along the lines. Now use the seven pieces to make "pictures" - either inventing your own or using our printable Tangram puzzle pages as a challenge (you will find 10 puzzle pages below). Younger children can lay the Tangram pieces over the printed puzzle pages and move them around until they fit; older children can just use the printed page as guidance.
Competition format
Place sheets with shapes face down. They should each have a number written on the back.
When you call the number the team should turn over and they have 1 minute to make the shape with the Tangram pieces.
Use at least 5 shapes.


  • Chinese New Year
  • creative
  • Tangram

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