Build a Two Person Catapult

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Build a Two Person Catapult. The catapult that is described here will throw a water balloon several hundred feet. Obviously if you reduce the dimensions of the components the distances you can throw will change accordingly.


Catapult Equipment (Per
7 short pioneering poles,
4 long pioneering poles,
7 Lashing rope,
2 pulleys (or metal rings)
1 Long piece of rope


Group Activity: Pioneering Challenge : Build a Two Person Catapult

- Give each patrol leader the instructions and equipment list.
to make their catapult and a copy of the Catapult Design
- Allow them 60 minutes to build and test their catapult
as per the instruction sheet.
- While they are doing this, the leaders should mark out the target
area which they will later fire at (you will need to judge the
distance of this by seeing how well built the catapults look!)



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