Map Symbol Bingo

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test your knowledge of the Ordnance Survey map symbols



Go to and print the pack.

If you are used to normal bingo, Map Symbol Bingo is very similar, but with a slight twist.
Instead of the caller reading out numbers, they read out map symbols. For example, ‘Telephone‘, ‘Radio Mast‘, or ‘Church with tower‘.
You can cut out the caller cards and place them in a hat or bag and pull them out at random.
Players have sheets with rows of map symbols.
If a symbol is called out that they recognise, they cross it off.
You can either play lines (when someone has crossed off an entire line) or you can play for a full house (when the whole sheet is crossed off).
We’ve created three levels of difficulty: Entry Level, Intermediate Level, and Advanced Level.
If you have young kids, start with the Entry Level caller sheet and player cards.
Finding that too difficult? Cut out the Intermediate Level caller’s cards and add to the Entry Level caller’s cards, and switch to the Intermediate Level player’s cards. These have a mix of Entry Level symbols plus a few more difficult ones.
Are you experts? Try the Advanced Level and see how well you do. Careful, there’s a few ones in there to catch you out


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