Star Wars Themed Night

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Star Wars Night, Beavers, Cubs and Scouts


Equipment/paper work from HOME:- Whistle, Newspapers, Toilet Rolls, Small Balls, regular balloons
Equipment/stuff from WORK:- Print Storm Trooper Marshmallows, Print Star Wars Skittles
Evening specific Equipment To Purchase:- Marshmallows, black icing Pens, Masking Tape, Duck tape, modeling Balloons


1) Coming in game (Parachute Game, Duck, Duck Goose or similar)
2) Starting ceremony (1,2,3, we are JEDI)
3) Game Jedi and Sith (Warriors and Brigands Games, change the name)
4) LightSaber Training - 4/6 Teams with rolled up newspaper as lightSabers. Hang homemade death star Piñata from broom stick. Jedi Padawan are blindfolded, on whistle instructed by team they attack piñata.
Must stop on whistle then swap.
5) Jedi vs Sith Tag Game (see below)
6) Using the force 'Game' - younglings must keep the balloons off the floor with hands, leaders (seth) wander round knocking balloons
6) Craft - Storm Trooper Marshmallows (see attached)
6a) Scouts Only - Star wars Origami
7) Jedi Agility Training - Masking tape assault course in corridor. (Stick tape across hall)
8) Star Wars Skittles (relay teams, 1 throw per person to knock over storm troopers) one team member Throws balls back.
9) LightSabers - Modelling Balloons with card handles. Wrapped in duct tape. Let kids draw on handles.
10) Using the force 'Game' - With their lightsabers Younglings must keep their balloons off the floor.
11) Training Game - Two rope/tape circles, inner and outer. Padawans take it turns to be in the inner Circle and defend themselves from the rest of the group throwing the plastic balls at them

Closing Ceremony

Jedi vs. Sith Tag Game
A young leader is chosen to be a Jedi knight and all the rest of the young people are each a Sith. yells
"May the force be with you!", that's when the Jedi tries to tag as many Sith as they can. If a Sith is caught
by the Jedi they need to adopt the stuck in the mud position. The only way to be rescued from prison is if
another Sith player who isn't caught crawls through the captured Sith player's legs. The game is played

Link to Balloon Lightsaver


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