Dracula has risen

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Negotiation and problem solving for Skills Challenge


3 rooms with table & chairs
2 teams
ideally 3 leaders one for each room


Scenario: One of the lesser known effects of acid rain has been a change in the acidity of subsoil in Transylvania, which recently released poisonous gasses into Castle Dracula. This has resurrected the Count, who is expected to take advantage of the improvement in East-West relations to resume his reign of terror in London. Your team’s task is to kill him as soon as possible on his home ground. To do this, you must establish the earliest day and time that you can kill the Count.
Your team is in competition with the other team for the film and publication rights to the “We Killed Dracula“ story, which could be worth millions. You and your fellow team members will be given information that will help you to complete your task. However, other essential information will be held by the other team. The other team also needs information that only your team has. The only way that you can gain the other team’s information is through your negotiator, who is to communicate directly and as often as necessary with the negotiator from the other team. Throughout this process, the other team will be attempting to gain information from your team in the same way.
Your team must select one member to be your negotiator. Once this choice has been made, this role may not be assumed by any other person. Team members are not allowed to witness communications between the negotiators.
The winning team will be the one whose negotiator is the first to submit in writing the correct day and time when Count Dracula can be killed and the correct rationale for the answer.

Activity: Print the attached document and give each team their briefing document in separate rooms. Everything else is obvious from the text

Feedback after running the activity: It's important to have a leader in each room, it turns out that my Scouts can't all be trusted to get engaged in the activity. The leader monitoring negotiations need to have the master info document and make sure that the negotiations are fair, honest and truthful.


  • Negotiation
  • Problem solving
  • skills challenge

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