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You can have a ton of science fun with a straw. You can make it into a blow gun, using the properties of air, or it can double as a pipette when your lab has run out. But did you know you can perform some awesome hands-on science with the straw's wrapper, too? It's true. With the Wrapper Worm, we'll reveal how to turn an ordinary straw wrapper into a growing worm!


• Straw with paper wrapper
• Water


1. Carefully rip the end of the straw wrapper. Rip the least amount you can.
2. Gently slide the opened wrapper down the straw. By the end, the wrapper should resemble a spring or an accordion.
3. Get some water in a pipette.
4. Drop 1-3 drops of water onto the spring-like strong wrapper.

You should see the wrapper slowly un-springing and wiggling a bit like a worm!

See video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mFI0RHvZUUA


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