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Like Trading post meets Civilization


List of Challenges, Money, Shopping List, Coloured Pens, Rulers, Glue Sticks, A3 Paper


This is intended to for for a long time (if not for ever). We do it once a term on our programme (on request of the Scouts) and once set up it is a very easy wet weather plan B.

Starts like Monopoly; give each patrol a certain amount of money (see attachments) and land (A3 paper)
With the money they can use the shopping list (see attachment) to buy stuff (houses you write on how many occupants), everything on the shopping list is colour coded, I use paper of those colours to cut out squares to represent what they have bought, which is then stuck onto their land (A3 paper) they can then buy electricity/sewerage/water/phone line/roads etc, these are dawn on using different coloured pens, and you change them per cm for how much they want.

They will very quickly run out of money and to get more they need to do challenges (see attachment) and every 20 mins or so you go around and give them "tax" (money equal to how many adults they have living in their village, look at the houses).
You can be creative to get them to understand how to build an equal and balanced community buy saying
"you have too many houses you need to build a power plant to power them",
"there is no where for them to socialise" (pub, cinema)
"there is no where for them to worship"
"there is nowhere for the kids to go to school"
"there are a lot of people with pets, you don't have a pet store"
and for everything that isn't as good as it could be you give them no or less money as tax because the people are "refusing to pay tax because they are unhappy"

My Scouts are quite used to this now so have started adding some little tricks in.
- Add pets to the house dog / cat to start with, which means they need to build a local park etc for you to walk them. Then add spiders, snakes iguanas etc, so they have to start buying "Specialised stores" like Exotic pet store.
- Occasionally on a house write "Squatters" and instead of giving them the money when you do the tax round take it away.


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