Steal the Bacon

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Get the bacon before the other team gets it.


a neckerchief for the bacon



Line up two teams facing each other, with the "bacon" in the middle. Team captains at one end will receive a letter, and then signal it to their team. Each person in a team will be given a letter, so that they form a pair with someone from the other team. Once the signal is sent, the two people with that letter will race forward and try to bring the bacon back to their team. If the other person tags them while they have the bacon, before they get back to their team, then the person that tagged gets a point for their team. If a person succeeds in bringing the bacon back without getting tagged, they get a point for their team. Each team will rotate and get a new letter after each round.


The team with the most points at the end wins.


Blind Steal the Bacon

The two thieves are blindfolded and their team mates have to relay instructions to them to direct them to the bacon


  • blindfold
  • game
  • team work

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