How to be safe in the dark

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To get the Beavers to understand the importance of being safe outside by being seen.


• Florescent paper
• Reflective vest
• White paper
• Black paper
• 4 x torches


1. Ask each of the lodge helpers to select a member of their lodge to collect one of the test materials.
2. Ask the lodge helpers to stand in front of their lodge partner and turn on their torch.
3. Ask the Beavers to turn off their torches. Beavers holding the test samples should be asked to take 10 paces back. A Leader should be present with the Beavers.
4. Ask the lodge helper to turn on their torches and locate their lodge partner.
5. Repeat until you have lost easy sight of one Beaver.
• Trips & falls in the dark
• Torches being shone in eyes
• Activity should be monitored by an adult with a torch at all times.
• Beavers should keep torches pointed down and raised slowly so not as to shine in the eyes. Beavers who fail to follow instructions will need to pass the torch.


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  • safety
  • torch
  • visibility

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