Mother's Day flower & vase

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Make a "I love my mum because...." flower and a vase


Card, colouring crayons/pencils, scissors, stapler, decorative stick-ons, green straw, sellotape, glue stick


For the vase:

You will need:
Green craft card
Craft foam flowers or other embellishments

Draw around a circle on the green card and cut out.
Cut out a rectangle of green card about 10cm by 15cm. Roll into a tube and staple to join together.
Cover one edge of the tube in glue and stand in the centre of the circle.
Glue the foam flowers on to the vase and then leave to dry.

Mothers Day “I Love my Mum because…” Flower

You will need:
Coloured card
I Love My Mum printable template

Either draw a circle and six petals on the card, writing in the middle of the circle ‘I love my Mum because’ - or print out one of the templates on to the card.
Cut out your flower parts.
On each of the six petals, draw or write a reason why you love your Mother e.g "you read me stories", "you look after me when I'm ill"....
Glue the petals to the back of the circle and leave to dry.
You can now tape your flower to a drinking straw and pop in vase, I usually selloptape the straw to the back of the vase to steady it!

See download for a picture of one finished. Enjoy!


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