Agree Code of Conduct

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Discuss use of Code of Conduct and agree one with Cubs.


Example code of conduct handouts.
Highlighters to circle stuff they like.

Board + Pens to draw up suggestions.


Discuss with Cubs the need for an agreed rules of behavior - It should be clear to all what is acceptable behavior and what is not, and that there should be clear consequences for breaking the rules.
Reference the "Law of the Jungle" in Jungle Book - "If all follow the rules then it should be good for the pack as a whole". (5 Mins)

Split into Sixes and look at the examples and write down suggestions that should be in ours. (15 Mins)

Bring Sixes together and have them talk about what they have done - Guide conversation and make sure there is nothing obviously missing - Mention Bullying and suggest we create a specific Anti- Bullying policy later(10 Mins)

Discuss how we should deal with people who break the rules - sanctions and escalation where necessary. (10 Mins)

Go over agreed result and see everyone is happy to agree to what we produced. (5 Mins)


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