Pitching Tents

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Help Beavers to pitch a tent and identify where to pitch it.


tents: 1 per group- number of groups dependent on ability and number of children and number of adults.
Lego model of a camping area; or a drawing of a camping area. Both with hazards. (the model has the advantage of being 3D- doesn't have to be Lego).


First show Beavers how to pitch a tent as a team- talk them through the process and do it with 1 or 2 other leaders. Put Beavers in groups of 6 max. with 1 adult or young leader to help each group (if numbers allow). Put up the tent as a team. Now show them how to take it down as before. Have a race to see who can put it up the fastest and then who can take it down fastest.
Now sit with the Beavers- have a look at the Lego model (or drawing) and see if the Beavers can suggest a good place to put the tent and explain their choice. See if they can identify the hazards. They could talk to a partner to help them to think about their answers.


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