Flip the Pancake (Memory Game)

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Take turns using a spatula to turn two pancakes over at a time, trying to find matching pairs.


Cardboard pancakes grouped in pairs with different pictures, numbers, letters, etc on.


Each six to have 12 pairs of pancakes each laid out upside down in their six area.
Six members take it in turns to flip two pancakes with the spatula.
If the pancakes are a match they keep the pair and have another go.
If they do not match the cub flips them back over in the same place and the next cub takes their turn.
The game ends when all the pairs have been matched.
The cub with the most pairs is the winner.

To make this easier use less pairs
To play as a team effort use more pairs in a central area all together. The six with the most pairs wins.
To make this harder use the pairs centrally perhaps as a relay


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