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12. To show the brownies that we are connected to brownie all around the world(Kims Game)


2 A4 grids per six
Copies of templates on card
and cut up, one per six
Trays to place grid on
Cloth to cover tray(optional


Discuss with the brownies things we have in common with other
brownies around the world.
The older brownies may already be familiar with some of these things
They include:
Promise, motto, trefoil, good turns, uniform, sixes sign or salute ,left
handshake ,World Thinking Day-22nd February, Olave Baden Powell,
Robert Baden Powell, WAGGGS-World Association of Girl Guides and
Girl Scouts ,world flag, good turn, Four World CentresPax
Lodge, London
Our Cabana, Mexico
Sangam, Indian
Our chalet, Switzerland
Give each six empty grid (an A4 sheet divided into nine equal squares)
Give one brownie the other grid and the cut up pieces from the
She should place five or more pieces onto the grid in random places,
give the rest of the six a few moments to look at the grid then cover it
They need to reproduce her grid. Continue with a different Brownie.
You can get the girls to add more as they go along making it harder

From what they have learnt what do we share with other Brownie
Guides around the World


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