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9 Recognise your country flag/colours. Draw the National Flag and explain meaning of colours ( Flags Dice Game)


 Templates on next page, one per six
 Dice per six
 4 different coloured sheets of A4 card


This activity combines the IGG flag and National Flag challenges
(Detect: teamwork 6)
The brownies should be able to recognise the Irish national flag through this activity, understanding its importance and the meaning of the colours.
The Green represents the native Irish people
The Orange represents the supporters of William of Orange who settled here a long time ago.
The white represents the peace between the 2 cultures

Copy the enclosed template onto a different coloured A4 card, one per six
Copy the second sheet onto corresponding coloured card, and cut into pieces.
You may wish to laminate to protect.
Give each six a dice, the girls take it in turns and they must roll a six to pick up a piece of the card and place it on the correct corresponding place on the card.
As the game continues, you could change the rules by rolling a 2 and a 6 and then increase to a 2, 4 and 6 with the dice.
The winners are the first to complete the activity correctly.
 Develop their interest in being part of their community and world

Discuss the importance of national flags and their place of honour. Discuss where the girls might see the national Flag.
Give brownies from different cultures an opportunity to show their national Flags, and explain significance of the colours.


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