IGG EXPLORE: Compulsory Challenge 02 GUIDING

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2. Find out what WAGGGS stands for,how many member countries it has and colour flag( WAGGGS Bookmark)


 Card
 glue
 scissors
 colouring markers
 WAGGG Information
 World flag to colour
 Enclosed template


The Brownies should be able to recognise the various parts of the world flag, and know some basic facts about WAGGGS

Give the Brownies card cut into the size of a bookmark and wide enough for attached picture
Write the following information on large cards 1 per six
The yellow trefoil represents the sun, shinning over the children of the world
The bright blue background represents the sky
The 3 blocks are yellow, representing 3 parts of the promise
The bottom right corner under the 3 blocks is white, representing our commitment to peace
2 yellow stars remind us of our Promise and Law
The yellow pointer in the middle, a compass needle points us in the right direction
They can use the cards to colour the flag (have some coloured pictures up where the girls can see it)
Next to the flag they can write WAGGGS and what it means, and write 146 member countries

What does the world flag symbolise (compare to national flag)
How do the girls feel belonging to such a large world organisation?

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