IGG INVESTIGATE and EXPLORE: Choice Challenge 25

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25. Sing the chorus of the National Anthem (reading words if necessary)(Shamrock Relay Race)


 Shamrock templates enclosed
 4 sets, nine in each
 (or more if more sixes)
 Words to national anthem if needed .page 142 of leader journey planner for Brownies


To develop the Brownies sense of identity by learning how to sing and behave during the National Anthem

Relay race
Get the Brownies to line up at one end of the hall in their sixes
Place the shamrocks on the floor at the opposite end
Get a Brownie to “jig” up and pick up a shamrock and “jig” back to their six.
Here they must read and complete task on shamrock,
Suggested tasks: sing Molly Malone, tell a joke, sing an Irish song, sing I’ll tell me ma, say goodbye in Irish ,say hello, do anything, hop 10 times on 1 foot, sing The National anthem,

They can do it solo or with help from the six, but it MUST be completed before the next Brownie takes her turn.
It will be noisy and chaotic as the sixes will all be singing different songs at different times
The National Anthem should be sang respectfully

Discuss the difference in how the girls sang the Anthem compared to the other Irish Songs.
Where and when do they hear the National Anthem sang?
How does it make them feel hearing it, and singing it?


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