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Demonstrate how to wash your hands correctly and know when you should wash your hands and explain the importance of good oral hygiene (Oral Hygiene Snakes and Ladders)


 Copies of enclosed template, one per six
 A dice per six
 Different coloured counters per player


This activity will remind your brownies about the importance of good oral hygiene, and what they need to do in order to have good oral hygiene

Played in the same format as snakes and ladders
In each six, the brownies roll the dice; the brownie that rolls the highest number starts the game.
A brownie rolls the dice and moves the corresponding number of places along the board.
The Brownie follows direction on the board if they show good oral hygiene they may have an opportunity to climb up, equally if they show bad oral hygiene they may slide down.
The winner must land on the final square by rolling the correct number, for example if on number 78 they need a 2 to finish anything higher is no good.
They need to read out the information on all squares as they move along the board

Discuss with the girls what they have learnt. You may be able to get a hygienist to make a visit to your unit and give out toothbrushes etc.
Remind them that this is one aspect of their personal hygiene that they can take control of themselves and be responsible for


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