IGG INTEREST BADGE Brownie Healthy Body Option 01

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No 1 Identify the important nutrients/food groups needed for a balanced diet. Find outmore about these ( Food Facts Quiz)


 Coloured A4 Cards
 Photocopy the FOOD FACTS CARDS (overleaf )
 Cut each A4 Card into individual fact cards
 Paper and pencils for Quiz


Aim of Badge
To understand how to keep your body healthy
This Badge has 5 options of which 5 must be completed

Use the following quiz to find out more about nutrients- how they work in the body, and what foods they are found in.

Hide the cards round the room. Divide the Pack into their Sixes and give each a colour to collect. Each team has to join hands and together, without letting go of each other, find the six cards in their colour. When each team has gathered their cards, tell them that there will be a quiz, and that all the answers are on the cards they have collected.
Quiz Questions:
1. Which three foods are rich sources of protein?
2. Name three foods where vitamin C is found?
3. What nutrient gives you energy?
4. What are beans, peas, nuts and seeds a good source of?
5. What is most of the body made up of?
6. Name four rich sources of fat?
7. Where can you find vitamin B?
8. What does Calcium make strong?
9. How many glasses of water and other drinks should we drink every day?
10. What are pasta and rice a good source of?


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