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Know the Brownie Guide Promise and Sign (Promise Craft)


5 Coloured Craft sticks per
 Glue stick
 Ribbon, any colour – cut into
lengths 43/45cm long
 Brownie Promise print out
on following page - 1 per
 Scissors


Quick, simple craft to give the Brownies a colourful, keepsake reminder of the Brownie promise.

Use scissors and cut out each line of the promise using the lines as
Use glue stick on a craft stick. NOT on the paper strips. Do not glue all
the stick, leave 1.5cm [girls’ finger width] free each end. Do it one
stick at a time. Glue the stick, then put a promise strip on it.
Press hard. Move on to the next.
Arrange in to correct order and connect the promise with ribbon by
gluing ribbon on each side of the back of the craft sticks, leaving the
ribbon in a loop at the top to hang from the door knob or on a wall.

If doing this activity for the first time in a unit the whole pack could do
it as a craft.
It could be developed further into a promise/craft relay fun!

Carmel Keenan
Joanna Pearman


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