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10. Know the Brownie Guide handshake (Good Evening Friend Brownie)





All WAGGGS members share the same Left Handshake and you should use this when meeting other Guides and Scouts.
The origin of this is Baden Powell heard a legend in West Africa of two hostile, neighbouring tribal groups deciding to try to live together in peace, and so they flung down their shields which were carried on the left arm and advanced, unprotected, to greet each other with their left hands extended in trust and friendship.

Brownies find a partner make a double circle, one inside facing partner in the outside circle.

Good Evening Friend Brownie Song:
Tune: The Ash Grove
Good Evening Friend Brownie – both salute each other
How are you this evening– shake left hands whilst saluting
Let’s dance in a circle - join hands and skip in a small circle returning to starting place
Bow and move on– bow and step to the right
Decide whether the inside or the outside circles are the ones moving on and be prepared to stop half way through so the other circle can take a turn at moving on!


Remind Brownies of the reason for the left handshake and of the right hand Brownie sign.


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