Decoding Morse Messages

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Beavers learn how to send dots and dashes by torchlight, followed by sending and receiving letters to each other across a given area.


Morse Code alphabet (selection of simple letters)
Pencils and paper
Warm clothing if it's cold!


In small groups with an adult Beavers create a message (a series of letters 5 would be enough). Show Beavers how to send dots and dashes with a torch. Groups pair off and spread out, remaining with their adults. Decide who is to send their message first. Separate, but make sure the paired groups are opposite each other. Group 1 starts their message and group 2 need to note it down. Once both groups have sent their messages, come together and see how they got on.

Note: There will need to be a gap between ecah letter to give time for Beavers to find the right letter on their sheet- adult could count a few seconds to help with this.


  • code breaker
  • code breaking
  • decode
  • morse code

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