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5. Discuss ways of including everybody in Brownie Guides and how we can ensure no one is left out (Exclusion Game) (Interest Badge Brownie Healthy Friendship Option 4)


 Printed out Role Play cards
 Coloured dot stickers


This game will give girls an idea of what it’s like to be from different social groups in society and to be aware that some groups in society are excluded for no real reason and maybe feel what it’s like to have a great deal of power and to feel what it’s like to be excluded.

Divide girls into 3 different teams of equal size. Do this by putting different coloured dots on the girl’s foreheads.
Each team is given a role card, the team must then get into this role and do what is stated on the card.
There are 3 rounds altogether, the Teams swap roles for each round. Each of the teams gets to experience playing the three different roles.
Debriefing: after each round ask the girls what happened.
At the end of the 3 rounds also ask:
• How they felt in the different roles?
• Did things change as the activity went on?
Ensure girls are comfortable with the activity and that they understand that it was a role play. Explain that the group is leaving the game behind and going on to discuss what it can teach us about real life.
• Can they relate their experience during the game to everyday life?
• Have they ever experienced exclusion?
• Who might they think are excludedin Brownies or in Ireland?
• How can we ensure that we don’t discriminate against people?
• Are there any changes that could be made to stop exclusion?

This activity can create a lot of emotion and needs thorough debriefing – depending on the age of the girls and the impact of the activity don’t spend too much time on the role play rounds monitor the girls feelings.

Source: Irish Girl Guides Outreach Pack


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