IGG INVESTIGATE: Compulsory Challenge 03 OUTDOORS

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3. Identify the seven principles of Leave No Trace (Equate Relate Game)


 Picture Cards
 Resource Cards
 Scenario Discussion
 Large ball of String


Group members will play a game that will help them make connections to the natural world and understand how their behaviour can affect nature. Using a ball of string and cards that represent plants and animals, group members will construct a "web" of connections between all living things.
Give each Brownie a Picture Card to wear – print and laminate the picture cards and punch holes in to thread wool through and Brownies can wear the card round their necks and everyone can see what they are.
Place the Resource Cards in the centre of the circle.
A Brownie starts with the ball of string and looks around the circle to find a plant or animal that her plant or animal needs or that needs it to survive. Describing the connection out loud, she holds a section of the string with one hand, and throws the ball with the other hand to that plant or animal.
Eg.A bird has the ball of string, holds the end of the string, and throws it to a tree saying, "I need the tree to provide insects to eat." The tree catches the ball, hangs on to the string, and throws the ball of string to an insect saying, "The insect needs me to find food." The ant catches the ball of string, hangs on to the string, and throws the ball to the rotting log saying, "I need the rotting log for a home."
Play goes around the circle until everyone is holding a section of the string. At no point should anyone let go of the string. In some cases animals and plants will have received the ball of string more than once and therefore will hold more than one section of string.

Eco-Web Discussion
Plants, insects, animals, and humans owe their existence to one another. Insects pollinate plants and provide food for small animals; plants provide food and shelter for both animals and humans. Plants also help filter water that is then stored in mountains, streams and lakes.
Each Brownie now thinks of a connection to an item from the middle.

A Leader then works through the Scenario Discussion with the group.
Have the group discuss the questions and as you discuss each scenario, have participants drop their string to show how an impact to one part of the web affects another part, eg, if campers pick all the wildflowers in an area, what else will disappear?
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