IGG FLY: Compulsory Challenge 10

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10. Take part in activities that explore your 5 senses (Make a Senses Picture)


 List of questions
 Paper and pencils
 Cotton wool
 Large circle
 Wool/string
 Large eye stickers
 Felt
 Lollipop sticks


Our senses allow us to enjoy our food, music, the beauty of a sunny day, the touch of our hair and nature. Our senses are part of us and without them we wouldn’t understand the world around us.

Give each girl a large circle and ask her to create a picture showing all the senses. Use cotton wool or pompoms for nose, stickers for eyes, wool/string for mouth, cut out ears from felt or coloured papers and trace hand. Stick onto lollipop stick.

Divide the girls into groups and give each group a page and pencil for writing their answers. Younger girls may need help with writing but discussing the answers is more important.

1. When you wake up in the morning, what are the 1st things you can hear, see, smell.
2. What can we do with our senses and why do we need them?
3. What can your senses tell you about a flower, a dog, a carrot, a spider?
4. Which parts of the body see, hear, smell, taste, touch?
5. How can your sense of smell keep you safe?


  • 5 Senses, smell, taste, see, hear, touch
  • fivesenses
  • Hearing
  • IGG
  • Ladybirds
  • seeing
  • smell
  • taste
  • touch

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