IGG INVESTIGATE and EXPLORE: Choice Challenge 11

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11. Bring a note from home to say that you are trying hard to keep your possessions tidy (Keep your possessions tidy game and Card)


 4 copies of the article (overleaf)
 4 copies of where everything might be stored
 Promise card to make for special event i.e. Mother’s Day (See Part two)


It’s important to encourage all Brownies to take responsibility for their own possessions.

Photocopy the articles pictures and where to store items.

Divide the Pack into their Sixes. Each six are given a set of where to store items. Explain that there are 30 item cards per Six scattered around the room. Each Six must first of all collect all their cards. When all have been collected a Leader may join the Six to oversee the discussion of where each item could be possible stored. This will not be the same for all Brownies as every household has its own method of storing items at home.

Follow this activity by making a “Promise to Keep” card (see overleaf)
There are a number of suitable times of the year to complete this activity. i.e. Mother’s Day, Easter

Have the Brownies bring the card back countered sign by her parent
to prove she has tried her best.

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