Team Bullding Bridge Build

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A great task for getting the Cubs to work in teams, whilst getting to know each other better. I laid out lots of different items on a table, such as cardboard tubes, elastic bands, lollipop sticks, sellotape, straws and boxes. Cubs are put into teams that have a mix of ability and then set a task to build a bridge. Points are awarded for strength, stability, use of resources, design and teamwork. We set a min height and length to make sure it was all fairly done.


Recyclable materials, tape, bands, string, straws and anything suitable for making a bridge.


Lay out resources on a table. Select your teams with mixed abilities. Set min height of at least 15 cm and min length of 50cm. Give teams a set time to design and build a bridge. On the whiteboard I had the scoring system, 10 points for each category. Strength, strurdiness, design, use of resources and team work. Points lost if not all members of the team are included and involved. Winning team is the team with most points.


  • Building
  • Design and creativity
  • leadership
  • team building activities

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